Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Christmas was good to us this year. We went to the river walk without the boys but they got back in time for Electricritters. We helped Chris decorate so he would get his stuff up in time for Christmas Eve. It was nice because this was the first year in a while that Scott and I had enough money to buy presents. I still tried to do my homemade gifts but I didn't have time to do as well as I would have liked. Between Scott being gone and working, I just didn't have as Much time as I used to. GG was able to come on both Christmas Eve and day so that was a blessing. She is wearing out quicker than she used to but at least she is there to enjoy it. I pray that next year will be the same. The kids don't really believe in Santa anymore but they still like to receive special Santa presents.
Brandon's Santa gifts
 Jessie's gifts
 My little Jessie gift
 Helping Chris decorate
 This year's Jesus' birthday cake
 The riverwalk all lit up for Christmas
Socks thinks he is king of the village

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